AURGA Camera Assistant - Outdoor Router/TF Card Reader

AURGA Camera Assistant - Outdoor Router/TF Card Reader

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The ultimate smart tool for photographers. With AURGA Camera Assistant, take full control of your DSLR remotely and effortlessly set up advanced photography techniques like time lapses, focus stacking, HDR, and multi-camera bridging. Plus, AURGA Camera Assistant acts as your outdoor router, enabling seamless sharing and viewing of photos through wireless storage. Need to manage your photos on your computer? Simply connect AURGA Camera Assistant and use it as a USB card reader for quick and easy access.


Remote Control for DSLR Cameras

The AURGA Camera Assistant can control your DSLR camera within a range of 100 feet (30 meters). You can easily perform any operation on the app screen and capture everything you see. Remote shooting also reduces the impact of handheld camera movement, allowing you to capture better photos.


Focus Stacking & HDR

AURGA Camera Assistant calculates the optimal number of exposures, takes them at different focus positions, and merges them into one crystal clear image.

AURGA Camera Assistant can even capture scenes with High Dynamic Range. It takes 3 photos at different exposures and combines them into a single deep, highly detailed image.

Time-lapse Photography

The AURGA Camera Assistant helps beginners learn basic skills while also saving valuable time for professionals. Experienced users can adjust exposure for changing light conditions by the hour or even by the minute for time-lapse photography. For beginners, it offers preset modes for various scenarios. You can preview your time-lapse after it's finished and directly export a video from the app.

Multi-Camera Bridging

Photographers can control multiple cameras with a single application. The app makes it easy to view live images, adjust camera settings, and simultaneously capture photos with multiple cameras.

Wireless Storage & Card Reader

The AURGA Camera Assistant features a storage management system and supports up to a 256GB memory card. Therefore, you don't need to worry about camera storage when shooting high-resolution photos or videos.

The AURGA Camera Assistant functions as a TF/micro SD card reader on PC or Mac. Simply insert it into the USB port of your computer to easily access your photos or files.

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