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Setup AURGA Viewer

AURGA Viewer need a 5V 500mA USB-C power.

Blinking RED: HDMI port has no video output
YELLOW: HDMI port has video output
GREEN: apps connect to AURGA Viewer and streaming is ON.
Blinking YELLOW: apps connect to AURGA Viewer, but there is no video output from HDMI port.

1. Connect AURGA Viewer HDMI port to target device (computer, gaming console, SBCs, TVBox and so on).
2. Connect one port of USB-C to AURGA Viewer, and another port to USB port of target device. If target device doesn't have a USB port, an extra 5V power adapter (like cell phone power adapter or power bank) is needed.

Document (beta)

This document, made possible by the contributions of our user, Strydr. We wanted to take a moment to thank Strydr for his invaluable help in creating documentation that has been instrumental in improving the user experience of AURGA Viewer.

Connect Apps to AURGA Viewer

Video Demonstration


When AURGA Viewer starts, it will create a Wi-Fi hotspot like AURGA-XXXXXX by default.

There are two modes to connect app to AURGA Viewer:

a) Direct-Connect Mode

b) Bridge Mode

Normally we recommend to use Direct-Connect mode to get better performance. But if the router, AURGA Viewer and client devices in a same room and all have good qualities of 5G signals. Bridge mode is more convenience.

Direct-Connect Mode

Connect the client device of app to AURGA Viewer's hotspot directly

Go to OS settings -> Wi-Fi settings -> scan the Wi-Fi in WLAN.
Connect phone or tablet to AURGA Viewer's hotspot.

If the desktop computer/laptop has Wi-Fi adpater. Connect the computer to AURGA Viewer's hotspot.

If the desktop computer doesn't have a Wi-Fi adpater. Please check Bridge mode.

Bridge Mode

Bridge AURGA Viewer to WLAN. Make sure both the client device (app side) and AURGA Viewer connecting to a same router.
If AURGA Viewer bridges to a router, client device still could connect to AURGA Viewer with Direct mode and get internet accessed.

Currently, we can only bridge AURGA Viewer to router by iOS/Android app.

a) Directly connect iOS/Android device to AURGA Viewer's hotspot

b) Run the app -> search and connect to the AURGA Viewer -> switch to Device tab -> select Internet -> choose router's hotspot -> enter password if necessary.

Connect the client device to router, if the app could find AURGA Viewer, it means AURGA Viewer bridges to router sucessfully.

Setup Wi-Fi Region

We need to set correct Wi-Fi region on AURGA Viewer. If the Wi-Fi region is incorrect, the connection speed might be low!!

Connect iOS/Android apps to AURGA Viewer -> Device tab-> Device Settings & Security -> in Wi-Fi Region, choose your correct region -> Save.

Reboot AURGA Viewer to check if we can get full Wi-Fi speed.

Keyboard/Mouse and Touch Compatibility

Some computers and single-board computers (SBCs) may experience compatibility issues with USB HID 2.0. To address this, we have released a new firmware that allows users to switch the USB HID mode using our iOS and Android apps.

If you are facing an issue with an extremely slow mouse movement, we recommend updating to the latest firmware using the Windows app. This update resolves known compatibility issues and improves performance.

After updating to the latest firmware, if you wish to use the multi-touch function on Windows 10 or higher, please follow these steps:

Open our iOS or Android app on your device, select the "Device" tab -> Tap the radar icon to search AURGA Viewer. We could connect your device to AURGA Viewer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once the app connects to AURGA Viewer, a new option "Switch USB HID Mode" shows in the bottom. Tap the new option to switch HID mode between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 (AURGA Viewer will restart to apply the changes).

By switching to USB HID 2.0 mode, you can enjoy the full multi-touch functionality on Windows 10 and higher.

Frequecy Questions

Tap 3 fingers on screen, the app will pop up options to exit full screen, enable/disable audio/input.

Please check this video.


When the mobile app get images and it is not in full screen mode. There is a gestures instrunctions under the image.

Gestures Instructions

Windows: Press left Ctrl + Right mouse click and pop up context menu.

macOS: Press Comand + Right mouse click and pop up context menu.

We need to set AURGA Viewer as the main sound output in computer.

Please check 00:32 in this link:

Please go to Download page -> Download the latest Windows app. Follow the steps in this Video.

In iOS/Android apps, enter full screen mode -> tap with 3 fingers to show options -> tap the shortcut icon (the right one) -> there is a list of shortcuts, tap CTRL + ALT + DEL to send the key combination to computer.

Some computers/SoCs might have compatible with out USB HID 2.0 devices. Please check the Keyboard/Mouse and Touch Compatibility section.


To reset the password, please power on AURGA Viewer util the
light changes (blinking or color changed)

a paper clip and insert it into the small hole on AURGA Viewer for 3 seconds,
and release the paper clip. The light on AURGA Viewer will blink a while and
auto reboot. Then we can use phone to search a new AURGA-xxxx hotspot.