One small wireless display to conquer all devices.

AURGA Viewer is a tiny yet powerful device that turns any HDMI device into something more. Imagine having a computer desktop, a keyboard, a mouse, a tablet, a Raspberry Pi and a console, all combined in the same miniature device. Imagine no further, because we’ve just turned this tech dream into a tangible reality.

Core Features of AURGA Viewer The power to do more with less

Works with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux devices

Made for low-latency video streaming

Expands screens and turns into a keyboard or mouse for target devices

Compatible with 5G WiFi networks

Powered by Bluetooth 5.0

Supports up to 48K High-Quality Stereo Audio

AURGA Viewer allows you to get more screen space by seamlessly extending your desktop onto any iPad or Android tablet. You can simply drag projects onto your connected device and work on them from a distance whenever you need time away from your desk – lag-free! There’s no need to install new software or pay for additional app subscriptions. You get to boost your productivity and comfort at the same time.

We believe that creativity should never be limited by technology. AURGA Viewer can turn into an essential tool for any designer, as it allows you to turn your tablet into a pen display for Windows 10. Give yourself the versatility you deserve, get every detail perfectly and benefit from AURGA Viewer’s low latency, pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity.

We know that writing good code takes up a ton of screen – so we are here to give you a little help. Expand your desktop screen easily, connect your tablet to a Raspberry Pi and see how your programming projects run smoother and quicker than ever.

You can play the mobile game you love like a pro-gamer by turning your mobile device into a portable gaming console.Time to beat all your stats!

If you’re a photographer and/or videographer, your need for additional screens is probably unstoppable. Take advantage of AURGA Viewer’s ability to connect your camera to any device and give you a larger screen whenever you need it. You can show your work in real-time to your clients and get feedback on the go!


„What if we could have one device that could play the role of a computer, tablet, keyboard and mouse at the same time without paying a fortune?”

Said and done – we’ve gathered a team of brilliant designers and engineers to bring this concept to life, and that’s how AURGA Viewer was born.

AURGA Viewer was designed with YOU in mind, empowering you to achieve more with less by harnessing the benefits of wireless technology. We are confident that developers, designers, gamers, photographers and videographers alike are going to turn our small device into an indispensable tool as soon as they try it out.

We used the highest quality components for AURGA Viewer to ensure fast connectivity, low-latency video streaming, excellent audio quality and compatibility with the most popular operating systems, with the certainty that you’ll never be slowed down by technology in your professional endeavours.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards a future builtaround accessibility!